BP Solar Panels

BP began producing solar panels in 1973. It’s subsidiary BP Solar has production facilities in the U.S., India, Spain, Australia and China, with a workforce of over 2,000 people.


Solar Panel

Model #Panel TypeWattsPeak VoltsMin Buy Qty$ Per Panel$ Per WattSolar Panel

BP SolarSX6165NPolycrystalline Si17543.62361.352.06Sun Electronics
BP SolarSX3190Polycrystalline Si19030.720465.972.45The Solar Biz
BP SolarSX3190BPolycrystalline Si19030.620495.002.61Mr Solar
BP SolarSX170Polycrystalline Si17044.220445.972.62The Solar Biz
BP SolarBP175BPolycrystalline Si17544.21461.002.63Beyond Oil Solar
BP SolarSX3175NPolycrystalline Si17543.61474.002.71Mr Solar
BP SolarBP175BPolycrystalline Si17544.21487.002.78Mr Solar
BP SolarBP3230NPolycrystalline Si23036.21654.952.85Eco Direct
BP Solar3225TPolycrystalline Si22536.61677.003.01Affordable Solar
BP SolarBP175BPolycrystalline Si17544.220574.753.28Eco Direct
BP SolarSX3175NPolycrystalline Si17543.620648.003.70Affordable Solar
BP SolarSX3115JPolycrystalline Si11521.81489.954.26Eco Direct
BP SolarBP125JPolycrystalline Si12522.01566.194.53AltE Store
BP SolarBP380JPolycrystalline Si8022.11375.004.69Mr Solar
BP SolarSX3125JPolycrystalline Si12522.01620.004.96Affordable Solar
BP Solar375JPolycrystalline Si7521.81404.005.39Affordable Solar
BP SolarBP375JPolycrystalline Si7521.81423.755.65AltE Store

BP Solar employs it’s own casting, wafering, cell production and module manufacturing facilities. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panel modules are made in facilities certified to ISO (International Standard Organization) 14001 standard.

There are several PV power plants in the world that employ BP solar panels. Some of the largest include a 5 MW plant in Burstadt, Germany, a 4.6 MW plant in Springerville, AZ, USA, and a 4 MW plant in Geiseltalsee, Germany.