Sanyo Solar Panels

Sanyo was founded in 1947 in Osaka, Japan and incorporated as Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. in 1950.

The solar division was formed in 1976 and started development of thin-film amorphous silicon panels in 1979. Commercial production of solar cells and panels began in 1997.

Solar Panel
Model #Panel TypeWattsPeak VoltsMin Buy Qty$ Per Panel$ Per WattSolar Panel
Sanyo210NHybrid Si21050.924775.003.69SPS
SanyoHIP-205NKHA5Hybrid Si20550.334755.833.69Green Eco Savers
SanyoHIP-190BA19Hybrid Si19067.534740.883.90Eco Direct
SanyoHIP-205NKHA6Hybrid Si20550.334813.003.97Affordable Solar
SanyoHIP-210NKHA6Hybrid Si21050.91835.003.98Mr Solar
SanyoHIP-210NKHA6Hybrid Si21050.91866.04.12Wholesale Solar
Sanyo215NHybrid Si21551.61895.004.16AltE Store
SanyoHIP190BA19Hybrid Si19067.51817.004.30Infinigi
SanyoHIP210NKHA6Hybrid Si21050.91906.954.32Infinigi
Sanyo210NHybrid Si21050.94958.004.56Alter Systems
Sanyo190BA19Hybrid Si19067.54888.004.67Alter Systems

Sanyo has two solar cell manufacturing plants in Japan, one in Osaka and one in Shimane. It assembles solar panels in three plants: Osaka, Tokyo and Hoyogo.

Sanyo specializes in producing Heterojunction with Intribsic Thin Layer (HIT) solar cells which reportedly generate an efficiency greater than 21%. The company also produces thin-film amorphous silicon cells.