Hybrid Si Solar Panels

Hybrid Silicon Solar Panels prices collected from top U S and Canada distributors. Table can be sorted by solar cell price per watt or by any other criteria simply clicking the top of the column


Solar Panel

Model #Panel TypeWattsPeak VoltsMin Buy Qty$ Per Panel$ Per WattSolar Panel

KanekaU-SA110Hybrid Si11092.020249.952.27Aten Solar
Sanyo210NHybrid Si21050.924775.003.69SPS
SanyoHIP-205NKHA5Hybrid Si20550.334755.833.69Green Eco Savers
SanyoHIP-190BA19Hybrid Si19067.534740.883.90Eco Direct
SanyoHIP-205NKHA6Hybrid Si20550.334813.003.97Affordable Solar
SanyoHIP-210NKHA6Hybrid Si21050.91835.003.98Mr Solar
SanyoHIP-210NKHA6Hybrid Si21050.91866.04.12Wholesale Solar
Sanyo215NHybrid Si21551.61895.004.16AltE Store
SanyoHIP190BA19Hybrid Si19067.51817.004.30Infinigi
SanyoHIP210NKHA6Hybrid Si21050.91906.954.32Infinigi
Sanyo210NHybrid Si21050.94958.004.56Alter Systems
Sanyo190BA19Hybrid Si19067.54888.004.67Alter Systems