Canadian Solar Inc Panels

Canadian Solar Inc was formed in 2001 in Ontario, Canada. It is headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario and has divisions in Munich, Germany and San Ramon, CA, USA. It operates in 7 countries: Canada, Germany,China, Japan, Korea, Italy and the United States.

Solar Panel
Model #Panel TypeWattsPeak VoltsMin Buy Qty$ Per Panel$ Per WattSolar Panel
Canadian Solar IncCS6-180PEPolycrystalline Si18035.91399.992.22Discount Solar
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-230MMonocrystalline Si23058.820577.002.51Affordable Solar
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-230PPolycrystalline Si23036.820604.002.63Affordable Solar
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-230Polycrystalline Si23036.81624.002.72Wholesale Solar
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-220PPolycrystalline Si22036.61618.752.81AltE Store
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-190Polycrystalline Si19036.01550.002.89Wholesale Solar
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-220PPolycrystalline Si22036.62685.003.11Alter Systems

Canadian Solar Inc produces monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar panels in the 5W to 300W range. It’s 7 facilities are capable of producing over 800MW of solar panels per year to the latest ISO standards.