DMSolar Panels

DMSolar is based in South Florida and produces its solar cells and panels entirely in the U.S.

DMSolar offers both monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon panels in the 12W to 260W range.

Solar Panel
Model #Panel TypeWattsPeak VoltsMin Buy Qty$ Per Panel$ Per WattSolar Panel
DMSolarDMSolar185Polycrystalline Si18532.520423.652.29DMSolar
DMSolarDMSolar240Monocrystalline Si24059.320549.602.29DMSolar
DMSolarDMSolar140Polycrystalline Si14024.020320.602.29DMSolar
DMSolarDMSolar210Monocrystalline Si21057.940480.902.29DMSolar
DMSolarDMSolar100Polycrystalline Si10022.010260.002.60DMSolar