Kaneka Solar Panels

Kaneka Solar Panels started research in thin-film solar cell development in 1980. Kaneka Corporation is based in Osaka, Japan and its US office was established in Texas in 2009.

Kaneka’s factory in Toyooka (Hyogo prefecture) Japan, has capacity of 120MW per year and produces two types of solar cells: amorphous silicon and hybrid silicon. Company has been specializing in thin-film silicon research and production technology.

There is also a hybrid combination of those two cell types for which Kaneka Solar Panels became famous in the first place.

Solar Panel
Model #Panel TypeWattsPeak VoltsMin Buy Qty$ Per Panel$ Per WattPanel
KanekaGSA 60Amorphous Si6092.0472.001.20Sun Electronics
KanekaGSA 60Amorphous Si6092.02582.201.37Affordable Solar
KanekaU-SA110Amorphous Si11092.01195.801.78DMSolar
KanekaGSA 60Amorphous Si6092.020115.001.92Alter Systems
KanekaGSA 60Amorphous Si6092.01120.002.00AltE Store
KanekaU-SA110Hybrid Si11092.020249.952.27Aten Solar

Kaneka Solar Flagship Product

Their most sold products are tandem microcrystalline and amorphous silicon cells, including thin-film see-through panels also called “Transparent PhotoVoltaic Glass”.

The hybrid silicon solar cell is a tandem junction cell with a micro-crystalline thin-film layer and a thin-film amorphous layer. The cell produces over 40% more power then a standard amorphous silicon solar cell, which makes it ideal for use on rooftops with limited space. Thin-film cell is shadow tolerant, and excellent for use in low angle installations.