Mitsubishi Solar Panels Price

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was formed in 1921 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Mitsubishi started photovoltaic research in 1974 in a development facility near Osaka. It now has three production facilities and one research and development center all located in Japan.

Latest Mitsubishi Solar Panels Price

Solar Panel
Model #Panel TypeWattsPeak VoltsMin Buy Qty$ Per Panel$ Per WattSolar Panel
MitsubishiPV-UD180MF5Polycrystalline Si18030.420538.202.99Affordable Solar
MitsubishiMF175UD5Polycrystalline Si17530.21720.004.11Mr Solar
MitsubishiPV-TD175MF5Polycrystalline Si17530.21731.034.18Infinigi
MitsubishiPV-UD180MF5Polycrystalline Si18030.41754.954.19Eco Direct
MitsubishiPV-UD180MF5Polycrystalline Si18030.61756.004.20AltE Store
MitsubishiPV-EE125MF5FPolycrystalline Si12521.81571.254.57AltE Store
MitsubishiMF125 UEPolycrystalline Si12521.81595.004.76Backwoods Solar

Solar cells and panels are produced in its Lida and Kyoto factories and systems are produced in its Nakatsugawa works.

Mitsubishi solar panels price started to drop again after they entered the North America and European markets in 2005. The solar panels and systems for these markets are manufactured in Japan and transported in.